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The experience in the timber industry , combined with innovation led the company naff HOLZ Srl to offer different construction systems , from the wooden walls " FRAME " or "X- LAM" .
The X-Lam is a construction system very hard, but thanks to proper joint design allows for energy dissipation and ductility necessary to ensure a high resistance to earthquakes.
Both systems have found great use in urban regeneration , especially for the realization extensions and sopralzi wood.
Due to its low thermal conductivity and insulation properties , the wood itself as the material of choice for the production of energy-efficient homes .


Wood is also the subject of ancient tradition , perhaps the first man used to give shape to the concept of "home" in order to achieve sustainable high quality homes with high technical performance and aesthetic .
The wood is definitely the material of the future : beyond the excellent technical - constructive requires a low energy consumption during the production and installation, and is the only material that lowers the emission of CO2 , since it absorbs in large amounts during the life of plants and is a fully recyclable material.

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