Purlins for roofs and floors
The beads produced by us are all certified with CE mark, complying with the provisions of the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR) n.305/2011, replacing the EC Directive 89/106 EEC Construction Materials, and their amendments, and all 'Annex ZA of the harmonized product standard EN 14915:2006.

- SOAKED WITH WATER PRODUCT ANTITARLO, MOULD (water-repellent impregnation in aqueous dispersion for wood) Pentachlorophenol and free from substances such as formaldehyde, conforming to EN 599/96-1. (wide range of colors to choose from). 
- PAINTED WITH TARTTAMENTO INTUMESCENT, fire retardant coating that gives the painted wood artifacts class of reaction to fire class 1, as DM March 6, 1992 - UNI 9796/CNVVF/CCI. 
- BRUSHED and gouged for an effect ANTIQUE.

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