Wooden floors
Teak Wood Flooring
Laid in a herringbone pattern with band bindello. The central pattern is outlined by a border, made with European Maple, Teak and Wenge.

Wood flooring in drawing
made with Oak, Walnut, Maple and Padouk Europe.


European Cherry Wood Flooring
insert carpet made with European Maple and Padouk, surrounded
by a border of Maple and Wenge.

Elm Wood Flooring
St. Andrew's cross with dots in Walnut, brushed and aged in place.
Laid in a pattern bordered by black stone.

Wood Flooring Oak and Walnut
realized type "dresser".

Wood flooring in oak
posed a hatch in the chest, enclosed by a border made ​​of European Maple, Wenge
and Doussiè.


Wood flooring in a pattern like "snowdrop"
consisting of: Walnut, Maple and Doussiè.

Floor design type "dresser"
Made of Walnut. Brushed work.

Wooden Floor Doussiè
Posed with herringbone pattern central and surrounded by a border made ​​of:
European Maple, Walnut and Afzelia.
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